Calle del Arenal, Madrid

Type: WG-Zimmer (12 ㎡) im Apartment
Precio €660
Disponible 01-02-2023
Dirección Calle del Arenal
propiedad de la vivienda 250 m²
código postal 28013
ciudad Madrid

Single interior room with the window to an interior courtyard. The distribution of the furniture has been designed to maximize the space and make it as functional as possible. The white walls brings more light to the room. The room is fully soundproofed and furnished a single bed with memory foam mattress (viscolastic), sheets and towels, a bedside table, double desk with drawers and two chairs, flat screen TV and a wardrobe. The decoration in red and white creates a warm and youthful atmosphere, while the vinyl on the wall provides a fun cassettes with an eighties touch.

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Calle del Arenal